Partner Jerry W. Blackwell Reflects on the Chauvin Trial – This was a “Moral Moment”

When Attorney General Keith Ellison called to ask for his help, Jerry W. Blackwell knew the only possible answer was yes. This was why he became a lawyer. This was where he was supposed to be.

“This, to me, was a moral moment. It was one of those moments where everything within you, every fiber just so resonated that this is a time to stand up, to be counted, to do what you can for the cause of good and right,” said Blackwell.

Shortly after that call, Blackwell joined the prosecution team pro bono. Along with Blackwell, firm attorneys Mary S. Young, Corey L. Gordon and G. Tony Atwal, and paralegal Desweon Hinds, began working on all aspects of trial preparation. The firm also helped secure the ruling from the Minnesota Court of Appeals, resulting in third-degree murder being added to the charges against former Officer Derek Chauvin.

Blackwell, who served as a Special Assistant Attorney General in the case, delivered the opening statement and the rebuttal argument in closing. He examined numerous fact witnesses, including the teen who filmed the longest and clearest bystander video of the death of George Floyd. Proof of medical causation was vigorously disputed by the defense, and an element of each of the three crimes charged. The firm applied its expertise – honed from years of experience trying complex civil cases – to prepare the medical causation case for trial. Mr. Blackwell presented the State’s medical expert witnesses and the Hennepin County Medical Examiner and cross-examined the only medical expert called by the defense, Dr. David Fowler. The manner that this case was presented to the jury, including the testimony by numerous scientific and medical experts, was a departure from how criminal cases have been historically prosecuted.

Blackwell Burke is grateful to the jurors for their service and for the opportunity to have served as counsel in this case. “This conviction shows that Mr. Floyd was somebody and that his life mattered,” said Blackwell. “I am thankful to Attorney General Ellison for his leadership and for allowing my firm to assist his office in this matter.”

You can watch Blackwell share more about this “moral moment” on the Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell here.

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