Jerry Blackwell on Legal Diversity: 30 Years in the Trenches

In honor of Black History Month, Minnesota Attorney at Law Magazine asked Firm founder and CEO, Jerry W. Blackwell, to share his thoughts on the evolution of legal diversity in the Twin Cities, and progress yet to be made. “The changes do not lend themselves to binary conclusions, as in, do we have cause to celebrate or not, because there is room for both. A thirsty man is capable both of noting when his glass should be full and yet celebrates whatever drops he has.”

Photo courtesy of Attorney at Law Magazine

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About Jerry W. Blackwell

Jerry Blackwell serves as national and trial counsel for several major corporations and has litigated in federal and state courts in 47 states and internationally. He is recognized for his longstanding commitment to diversity and excellence. His firm, Blackwell Burke P.A., is the most diverse firm in Minnesota that engages in institutional representation of Fortune 500 companies as national or trial counsel throughout the country.

Mr. Blackwell co-founded the Twin Cities Committee on Minority Lawyers in Large Law Firms, which created the Minnesota Minority Job Fair, now run by the Hennepin County Bar Association, bringing Minnesota employers qualified minority candidates from across the country. He was co-founder and twice president of the Minnesota Association of Black Lawyers.

He has received numerous recognitions for his commitment to diversity and excellence, including: 3M Supplier of the Year Award; General Mills Excellence in Service Award; Minnesota Lawyer Diversity & Inclusion Honoree; Hennepin County Bar Association Employer Diversity Award; National Bar Association Commercial Section Cora T. Walker Award; Minnesota Black Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Black Business of the Year; Minnesota Minority Business Owner of the Year; Minnesota Council on Crime and Justice Equal Justice Award; and National Bar Association recognition for leadership in diversity.

About Blackwell Burke P.A.

Blackwell Burke is a certified minority-owned trial firm that represents corporate clients in high stakes class actions, mass torts, MDLs and commercial litigation, both at trial and on appeal. The firm has been repeatedly recognized as one of the top litigation defense firms in the country by BTI, Chambers, Best Lawyers and others. Benchmark Litigation named Blackwell Burke the Minnesota Firm of the Year for the past four consecutive years.