Minneapolis law firm Blackwell Burke P.A. successfully defended global manufacturer (and third-party defendant) Vishay Intertechnology Inc. in a summary jury trial in the United States Federal Court District of Minnesota. Cannon Technologies Inc. sued Sensus Metering Systems Inc. for breach of implied warranty alleging that Sensus had manufactured defective electrical meters. Blackwell Burke P.A. represented Vishay against Sensus’s third-party complaint alleging that Vishay had provided a defective component for Sensus’s meters.

A summary jury found that Blackwell Burke P.A. client Vishay did not breach an implied warranty to Sensus. In contrast, the summary jury found that Sensus breached its implied warranty to Cannon resulting in $1.9 million in damages. Following the nonbinding summary jury trial, the three parties entered into a confidential settlement agreement and U.S. District Court Judge Richard H. Kyle dismissed the case.

Summary jury trials are an emerging settlement technique in federal court designed to reduce overloaded dockets and give the parties involved a realistic assessment of their cases’ strengths, weaknesses, and potential damages. In a summary jury trial, the parties present their cases in a nonbinding, shortened trial with relaxed rules of evidence. Following the summary jury’s verdict, the parties are required to participate in settlement negotiations.

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