Blackwell Burke P.A. Sponsors the MABL Foundation Gala.

MABL is committed to promoting and supporting the professional development of Black lawyers, judges, and law students in Minnesota; addressing the legal issues affecting the Black community in Minnesota; and advancing education, excellence, and racial equity in the pursuit of justice. Blackwell Burke has actively supported MABL in various ways since the firm’s founder, Jerry Blackwell founded MABL in 1995.

Blackwell Burke attorneys and a guest at the MABL Foundation Gala. Left to right: Debra Bulluck, Deborah Lewis, Spiwe Jefferson, Jerry Alcazar, Vinita Banthia.

Four deserving students from Mitchell Hamline School of Law and St. Thomas University received scholarships in recognition of their high academic achievement and commitment to improving their communities.

Blackwell Burke partners (from left) Jerry
Alcazar and Pete Goss reflect on issues
addressed by the speakers.

Keynote speaker, Pauletta Brown, was the first woman of color to lead the American Bar Association in its 140-year history. Ms. Brown braved ten-degree Minnesota weather to attend the gala to give a thought-provoking speech and challenge lawyers to remain forever in the path of seeking justice for all. Speaking of the power and responsibility of lawyers of color, Ms. Brown said “We must speak for the voiceless and shine a light whenever our nation falls short.” She observed that too many people in our country are trapped in the web of poverty and mass incarceration.